The Pruitt Family

Oh the BEAUTY Friday held for Seven Homes, the Pruitt Family and most of all sweet NATHAN!

I remember the moment like it was yesterday. Balloons on the mailbox, a homemade sign on the door saying, “we’re so glad you’re here.” 

As I pulled up to the Pruitt home with sweet Nathan in the back of the van my heart settled from the chaos the past several hours held. As I held his hand and walked him into a new family, a new home I saw his big eyes look around quickly. As we walked upstairs to what would be his room, I saw the new crisp red pillow case and the printed Pokémon pictures hung on the wall with a sign on the door that said, “Nathan’s Room.”

The Pruitts had only a few hours’ notice to prepare for our arrival, however, everything they did made it feel like they had been waiting their whole lives for this moment. I stayed a few hours while I watched the sweet Pruitts hold back all their feelings, their nerves, their excitement while they steadily smiled and asked if this boy if he needed anything. They remained calm and steady, giving him space to adjust. Knowing I had a long trek back home I headed for the van. As Angie followed me, the door closing she giggled finally letting the pent-up giddiness spill over when she spoke. “He is so cute and so sweet I adore him already, this is wonderful, thank you!” That was the first night of Forever.

Today I had the unique privilege of sitting in court next to them on another first with this boy and this family. Not their first meeting, or their first night together, but the best “first” of all. The first time they got to officially call their son a Pruitt. As we sat in court this time I looked up and saw a new set of balloons. Balloons that marked his adoption and start of forever. When the papers were signed and the photos were taken, I looked over to see his county worker and Guardian Ad Litem tear up while they spoke of how many years they waited for this moment. Our children in care have moments that define their story. As foster parents you have a unique journey made up of leaps of faith along the way. How beautiful when the journey intersects like today and you forever change your family and the child’s journey forever. That incredible intersection is why we celebrate Adoption Day!

Congratulations Pruitt Family!