The Martin Family

“After 759 days in foster care we are adopted.” Many foster families will have their children take photos like these to share the hard journey of children in care and how long they have had to wait for permanency.

It makes their stories hit home a little deeper in the hearts of those that see the photo in hopes that more people would see beautiful girls like the Martin girls and their hearts would be moved to do more. I love how the girls’ incredible mom, Bethany shared, “There is always a reason to be afraid. Fear is normal, no one is ever ‘ready’ to foster but people should foster anyways.” Curtis and Bethany Martin had their daughters hold the sign and spoke openly about their desire to see more people foster. They are selfless, compassionate and desire to see more children find safe and loving homes. They speak lovingly about their two newest additions. The Martin’s shared that their daughters are happy, energetic and full of life. They went on to tell our staff that one of the greatest blessings of this journey has been seeing their daughters blossom over time. Bethany went on to say, “they went from being wild, scared little girls to being happy, healthy and feeling like they had always been there.” Why I love seeing the signs with the number of days in foster care is very different from the reason that Bethany and Curtis love seeing the numbers on the sign their daughters hold. They see the start of forever, they see the growth and the safe home their daughters are in. As a Seven Homes staff member I love those signs for a completely different reason. I love seeing it because to me it represents the faithful journey of Bethany, Curtis and their daughters Alexis and Camryn who welcomed these sisters into their home. I understand the days of worry and fear, the time spent navigating behaviors and overcoming challenges. I see parents who doubled the number of children in their home overnight. I think about how difficult it is to bring children in your home who have been raised completely different. I understand how blending birth children and foster children with different stories can turn your home upside down. I acknowledge that parenting children from hard places is challenging and you must humble yourself and accept a new way of living as you create new dynamics and rhythms as a family. 759 days of hard, selfless work loving two girls unsure if this day would come, but you dedicated yourself as if forever started on day one. We are in awe of your amazing family. We could not be more excited that this day did come and that we get to celebrate with you! Congratulations to all six of you! Curtis and Bethany, you have four beautiful daughters and we are thrilled to join in celebration of your adoption of sweet Lydia and Whitley!