The Kavanaugh Family

Before they were even married the Kavanaughs knew fostering was in their future as a family. Chris grew up in foster care and Angie shared that she didn’t know what foster care was but once she learned Chris’ story their passion to pursue fostering grew. Once married they tried to determine the “right” time to foster and realized there would never be a perfect time, so they signed up for MAPPS classes and started the process.

Chris shared as a current foster dad he now appreciates and understands his former foster parents more and is grateful for the opportunity to show kids what a loving home looks like. Angie shared that she is grateful for the support they have received from family, church, Seven Homes and friends. Angie shared that being foster parents has taught them about patience and to focus on the child’s best interest rather than their own feelings. The Kavanaughs shared that being foster parents has helped them be more empathetic towards others.

Chris and Angie said at times the unknown can be daunting not knowing what tomorrow brings so their motto is “to take one day at a time and always keep the best interest of the child in our home at heart.” Angie and Chris shared they have learned, “You don’t have to be perfect to be a foster parent. You don’t have to have the big house with the white picket fence, instead you just need to be yourself and love these kids.”

The Kavanaughs shared, “from day one of training we both knew we had chosen the right agency. They have helped us in so many ways. They have been beside us in every step of our journey and they continue to support us.” From teenagers to toddlers this incredible couple has walked in faith and done a beautiful job with the three girls they have cared for. They are thoughtful, energetic, engaged and humble. The Kavanaughs said they knew they picked the right agency when selecting Seven Homes. From an agency standpoint, Seven Homes knew we had met a truly remarkable couple that would be a blessing not only to us but also to the children they have cared for.