The Francis Family

Mimi Francis is one of our single foster parents who is a force to be reckoned with, and I mean that in the best way possible. She is incredibly selfless, hard-working, jovial and an advocate like none other. She has been an incredible mother to three daughters all adopted from foster care for the last two decades, until last week. Last week Mimi took a leap of faith and went from a mother of three to a mother of FOUR when they officially welcomed Asya into the Francis family.

This past week we got to celebrate alongside Mimi on the adoption of her beautiful daughter, Asya. I love how Mimi articulated that while none of the girls are biologically related, all share a sisterhood in their stories and filled with unfair beginnings, but have each grown into caring, compassionate and confident young woman.

Mimi shared that she believes that every child is a gift from God and deserves a safe, loving and accepting family. Mimi shared that, “the greatest gift we can offer a child from unfair beginnings is to welcome them into our families, accept them for who they are, and create a safe place for them to process what they've experienced, and to heal.” Mimi is the first to acknowledge that having Asya has been a blessing and being able to officially adopt her is an incredible gift to their whole family.

What we love about the Francis women is how they deeply love each other in a very authentic and genuine way. Mimi said in the Francis home is a place, “we cheer for successes, show support when they fall, and honor the trust when they share secrets, insecurities and fears. It is that trust, and the ability to recover and blossom that is the gift our children give back to us.”

The Francis women have hearts that beat in steady rhythm with the pulse of Seven Homes. To see more children find permanency through fostering and adoption. Asya was welcomed into the family wholeheartedly. But what I love even more is that as a teenager Asya extended her heart back with the vulnerability to consent to adoption. Not only did Mimi and the sisters open up their hearts and homes, but Asya opened up her heart to unconditional love for her new forever family.

Mimi saw the beauty in each of her daughter's journeys. She acknowledges their pain, admires their scars and appreciates the power of healing she has seen in her home. Each of four sisters are a testament to bringing beauty out of a brokenness in a fun, feisty and forever home. We are in awe of all FIVE of the Francis women and celebrate their adoption story with them!