The Church Family

The Church Family and their adoption holds a special place for so many of us at Seven Homes. While I have not been actively involved in their case like their incredible case workers, Jessica and Staci, I have been on the sidelines watching, cheering and praying. There are days at Seven Homes that stand out to us when it comes to our families. I remember the day we got the call for these three little ones. I remember we all sat around and scratched our heads wondering if we had a family to take on so many little ones all at once. 

When we get calls for sibling sets of three or four we typically are not able to place them in already large families, so normally we place them with families who are starting to wade into the waters of parenthood for the first time. We thought about Lynn and Andrew and realized that if we called them with three children, we would be throwing them into deep waters, an instant family of five. The adjustment would be overwhelming to say the least.

As we talked about Andrew and Lynn for these little ones we talked about their amazing faith, family and community that would stand with them. As a staff, we knew if anyone could do it, they could! I remember the referral that described these three feisty little ones looking for a family. The oldest boy, the protector who was going to take care of the younger two at all costs, the silly and fun middle boy who still found joy despite the hardships and the youngest, a little girl who was sweet and gentle but needed a mama to nurture those characteristics more. I recall the day we placed this remarkable trio with the Churches.

After a few short weeks with Andrew and Lynn I remember sitting in the office hearing sweet Lynn’s voice on the phone with Ken, our Director. Her voice was quiet and trembling. She spoke of her desire to see them thrive, and her heart to see them heal, but also was honest and vulnerable as she spoke about the behaviors they were navigating in their home and how challenging parenting children from trauma was. While her voice was shaking her dedication and her determination were not. The Church family reached out for ideas and strategies to help their sweet children heal. I remember thinking how hard it must be and how much my heart went out to this new mom. My heart broke for Lynn, Andrew and their children.

However, I also remember hearing a strength in her voice that gave me great hope. The strength of a mom who would move mountains to help these little ones in her home find peace. I looked at Ken as we heard Lynn’s heart for these children through tearful pauses and we knew that someday we would be here. After only two short weeks, we heard in her voice a commitment and strength that we knew would bring them to this day. A day where we celebrate family, celebrate unconditional love, and celebrate ADOPTION.

We are thankful not just for this day, but for the day that Lynn called, the day as a staff we knew they had the strength to make it. We are thankful for the day she asked for help and all the days that followed. We are grateful for the long days of parenting three small children from trauma. We celebrate Lynn and Andrew and their relentless and reckless love over the past seven months that brought them to THIS day: ADOPTION DAY.