The Stewart Family

This month we are thrilled to introduce the Stewart family to all of you at Seven Homes. We have been incredibly impressed with them in their short time here at our agency because of their dedication, their perseverance, and their willingness to open up their home. This incredible family has a beautiful story to share.

They were first drawn to foster care by watching other members in their church who fostered. As a couple they were able to watch others on the fostering journey and see the incredible ministry it could be for a family to embark on together. Heather also shared that her parents have served in foster care and she was encouraged by the example they set. The Stewarts saw the difference you could make in the life of a child, they observed how the dynamics within your own family could change for the better and they believed in the incredible growth that could happen in your faith. With others to encourage them, the Stewarts decided to take the plunge and completely change their family through foster care. They Stewarts were very candid in sharing that their family structure changed drastically. They went from having one child in their home to four! They took placements that are sometimes harder to place which included a sibling set and then added another school aged boy the same age as one of their other children months later, thus navigating yet another new dynamic.

They are navigating parenting children from different cultures, races, backgrounds, and trauma history. However, what is so incredible is that they can handle it all with such grace even in the midst of a pandemic! They shared that along with their three children in care they also still have their youngest birth child at home who has worked hard to navigate the changes alongside them as a couple. They shared she has gone from being the youngest to now being the older sister and it has taught them and her so much about their strengths as a family. The Stewarts said that this journey has taught them that part of fostering is learning how to be okay with asking for help. They shared this has included receiving toys and clothes for the children, allowing their family, church and friends to bring meals and saying yes when to help with childcare when needed. The Stewarts share that while fostering is not always easy they rest assured in the fact that Seven Homes is always there to support them and no matter what they need. They find peace knowing the staff is available to answer their questions and advocate for them. This remarkable family is a blessing not just to the children in their care, but also to us as an agency. We are so thankful for their dedication and their perseverance to always put the needs of their children first. Thank you Stewarts what an honor to call you a Seven Homes Family!