Our Staff

Our staff, acting in the role of social worker, carries a caseload of families who have one or more children in the legal custody of the State, relatives, or under the jurisdiction of the court. Through successful placement, stabilization, and utilization of our services for these children and their families, our staff strives to achieve stable and safe futures for the children in the care of Seven Homes Agency. Our staff is able to respond quickly to an emergency situation at any time.




Ken Maxwell - Executive Director director@7homes4kids.com 



Ashley Mckinley- Program Director- amckinley@7homes4kids.com



Staci Young – Adoptions Director syoung@7homes4kids.com



Leigh Koontz – Office Manager lkoontz@7homes4kids.com






Katelyn Hall - Community Relations Director - khall@7homes4kids.com







Tramaine Davis - Adoptions Case Manager tdavis@7homes4kids.com 

Cynthia Moore- Licensing Manager cmoore@7homes4kids.com 
Alyssa Martin - Licensing Manager  martina@7homes4kids.com







Alexis Keyworth - Case Manager - akeyworth@7homes4kids.com






Savannah Wilson- Case Manager- swilson@7homes4kids.com




Jessica Thompson- Case Manager  - jthompson@7homes4kids.com



Kelsie Bowser- Case Manager- bowserk@7homes4kids.com



Sara Huffman- Licensing Manager-sara.huffman@7homes4kids.com



Shelby Glover-Case Manager sglover@7homes4kids.com