Foster Parent Spotlight - September

I have quite the soft spot for this month’s foster family. Not just because at activities I am tired just watching the energy level that their children have, but because there is nothing this family will not do for a child in their care. The Calderons are hardworking, dedicated and have a beautiful story on their journey so far.

Their story started after 6 years of marriage , they both desired to have children of their own. However, The Calderons realized “God had his own plan and design on how he wanted our family to grow.” They reached out to Seven Homes and started the licensing process. They said they have learned that love and not DNA is what has created their family and they are so thankful for that. They told Seven Homes this experience taught them what family is about, but also what faith is about. The Calderons shared that during this process it has given their family a fresh perspective when it comes to their faith. They said, “we learned that fostering has taught us more about God's unconditional love for us. It’s easy to love your parents, brothers, sisters, but loving a stranger as if it was your own blood I believe is exactly what true LOVE means.”

The Calderons described one of the challenges about fostering is the amount of patience it takes. The Calderons have had a variety of children with various backgrounds and case plans and they shared with Seven Homes that dealing with kids from different backgrounds, that have gone through different situations truly takes you out of your comfort zone, out of your normal and that can be uncomfortable.

The Calderons said they hear from others all the time, "I wouldn’t be able to do it, I would grow too attached..." I love how they said, “have those people ever thought, maybe that’s what the child needs, instead of what is best for you or your family.” The Calderons described that the key to this process is a willingness to have an open heart and be willing to break your own to meet the needs and do what is best for the child. I love how they closed our interview questions by sharing that while many people look at foster parents and think they are special. However, the Calderons said they love what these kids bring to their family, and are grateful and blessed to have them, even if it is for a short while.

The Calderons talked about the ups and downs of fostering but stated that above all, they know that Seven Homes has their backs. No matter the situation they know they do not have to face it alone. They shared that being with Seven Homes makes them feel like they have a team behind them fighting for them. The Calderons closed by reassuring others that even though it can be scary when bringing in a child into your home not knowing their behaviors or will react to things is a lot, sitting in court rooms or working with social workers they always knew Seven Homes was there every step of the way. I love how they wrapped it up saying that on this journey, “At times we were scared, frustrated, angry and sad, but we were never alone.”