Foster Parent Spotlight - August

Words cannot express the joy and blessing it is to write about our foster family for this month's spotlight. As a foster parent myself, being in the trenches reminds me how hard it can be. Hearing about the single parents who navigate this without a spouse and someone to share the workload leaves me humbled and in awe. This month's foster dad has done just that since the moment I met him. From his incredible faith to his testimony about growing up, the list of his academic degrees and credentials, his vocational experiences and his journey fostering over the many years... I am convinced there isn't anything Peter cannot do.

When asked why Peter started the journey as a foster parent he simply said, "I had to respond to the need. There were so many kids in the foster care system, I just had to respond to help. It wasn't someone else's responsibility, it was mine. I had the resources, the time, and I had the heart to love them!" Peter knew that despite having a demanding job and being a young single man that he had something in him that he had to offer. He went on to share that he is grateful to have learned in the process that he was stronger than he thought. He realized he could make a difference, one child at a time. He shared that he kept his focus on meeting the basic needs for each child in his home by making them feel safe, loved, and to let them know they belonged.

Peter also went on to say that fostering and adopting has taught him, "to have empathy for others, to understand trauma, and to love unconditionally. In the beginning, you hear about it and you educate yourself about it, but it's different when the kids actually arrive in your home. As a dad I help them every day to overcome their trauma."

Peter said the one truth he wishes others knew about fostering are that the myths we've all heard are simply not true. You don't have to be a traditional family, mom and dad at home in order to foster or adopt. Peter believes anyone with a kind heart and love to spare is welcome to be a foster parent. Peter has fostered with other agencies over the years, but was kind enough to share that Seven Homes is amazing at how they guide families through the process of becoming a foster parent and then they continue to walk alongside as the journey continues. He concluded by saying, "As a single parent, it's amazing to have an agency that will be there for you at all times, in the good and the not so good moments. I truly appreciate their services and everyone on staff." What a remarkable teacher you are to all of us Peter, we could not be more grateful for your dedication, your empathy, your grace and the wisdom and discernment you teach our staff everyday! Thanks for loving your boys and dedicating your heart to this beautiful ministry of fostering!