Pray for a Child to Say "I'm Home"

“Mommy, we need to do morning prayers for my boy, Ethan before school. We need to pray for him to find a mommy and a daddy.” I love hearing my four year old ask us to pray for “his” child. The goal of Project 77 is to make a personal connection between one waiting child and a family.

We believe caring for children in foster care is a missions field here in our backyard. Foster families care for vulnerable children and work everyday to help them understand what safe feels like. They care for them and help them work through their history of trauma and neglect to heal.

Through wonderful international programs individuals have the ability to support missionaries and vulnerable children. These are incredible programs that we are grateful for. But what about our children here in our community, at our schools, in local group homes who are legal orphans waiting to find their forever family? Project 77 seeks to create an outlet for families in North Carolina to sponsor the children across the state who are in desperate need of permanency.

What I love about Forever Family is the personal connection between your family and a waiting child in North Carolina. My four year old has seen the video of Ethan, his photo is on our fridge, he prays for him every morning on the way to preschool. I am able to have beautiful conversations with my children about being the hands and feet of Jesus. My son knows that Ethan is loved and pursued by Christ and that he is worthy of love from not just a heavenly father but also an earthly father.

Project 77 looks to the Gospel message that adoption by our Heavenly Father is a key component of salvation, to bring his children into His loving arms. The ministry of adoption is illustrated in manifold ways throughout scripture. We believe that adoption is one tangible way to model redemption through family here on earth.

Foster care is an imperfect system created to help families that have been affected by sin and brokenness. We believe this crisis deeply affects our society and needs to be mended by the faith community.

We believe that to change our community, we need to alter the way individuals see foster care in hopes of empowering a call to action. We would like to cast a vision that creates a sense of urgency and responsibility for everyone in the community. Not everyone can foster but everyone can support the missions field of foster care and adoption in North Carolina.

Project 77 financially supports the children featured on Forever Family and allows our program to be funded on a practical level. However, more importantly it is the catalyst for connecting children like Ethan with our family’s prayer life and conversations about faith.

We believe that putting the faces and stories of children like Ethan in our homes can result in answered prayers for permanency for waiting children. Project 77 enables opportunities to teach our family about empathy, grace, and the missions field in North Carolina that must be acknowledged by faith-based families like ours.

Project 77 has the potential to change and shape the hearts of individuals in hopes that they will come alongside the project to advocate in a personal way. For our family, it started with Ethan. He changed the way we advocate for foster care because our family feels connected to him. Praying for Ethan changed my four year old’s perspective on prayer and the power he has to help other children. Not only have we been able to support and advocate for Ethan, but my son’s faith has also grown because of Project 77, and for that I am forever grateful. Ethan is one of 2,800 waiting children in North Carolina who needs a family to support and cover them in prayer until they are adopted.

Will your family stand in the gap and commit to changing foster care in North Carolina through one vulnerable child at a time?

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