More than Netflix?!?

Wait?!?! There are things you can do besides Netflix binge that are fun at home when you have more kids than you know what to do with?!?!?

Thanks Heather for your amazing reflection and to the Still crew THANKS for these ideas....

111 Genius Activities:
Jump on the trampoline
Read a book
Yard work
-plant a flower
-water flowers
-pull weed-pick up trash and toys
Talk/Conversation with someone in the house
Play Cards
-Go fish
Run/Speed walk around the house
Clean your room
Organize a specific area
Sit outside
Explore the woods
Play with Daddy
Swing set
Talk to/Play games with Alexa
Legos, Playdoh
Work out/Exercise
Go for a walk
Nature Hike
Bike ride
Exercise/Play with Gracie(Pup)
Board Games
Give/Get massage
Chugging Contest (water chugging, of course)
Be someone’s servant for 20 minutes
Pick something from Bored Jar
Fluff (other pup)
-Give a bath
-Play with
Yard Games
-Corn hole
Repair tire swing
Practice Instrument and/or learn a new song on an instrument
Create something/Make something out of wood
Bake/Cook something new
Climb a tree
Help K with school
Help H fix his truck
Play LOL surprise doll
Airsoft war
Scavenger hunt (collect specific items example: nature items)
Teach the dogs a new trick
-spot clean carpets
-change the sheets on the bed
Collect wood and sticks for fire and stack in fire pit
Research a topic that you’re curious about (use books, dictionaries and encyclopedias)
Write a letter and send it to a friend
Collect a bag full of items to donate
Make and fly a paper airplane
Make a smoothie, milkshake or a cup of tea
Put a puzzle together
Nurture group
Mirror Me/Simon Says
Look through Scrapbooks/Photo albums
Take a nap
Do laundry
Open the windows and sit on the Couch for 5 minutes
Be silent for 5 minutes/Quiet game
Act out movie/bible stories
Research countries on the Globe
Take a shower
Action figures
Listen to music/Sing
Work with J, Papa John or Daddy
Give someone a hug
Take something apart and put it back together
Learn a sentence in a different language
Call someone through Alexa
Wash vehicle
Look through telescope
Count change
Come up with a list of things to do when you’re bored
Refill paper and plastic items in house from stockpile (tp, paper towels, silverware, plates and cups)
Match unmatched Socks
Dance party
Take and edit photos