Mission and Goals

Triad Congregations for Kids was established in September 2016 in response to a community’s desire to work together in order to meet the individual needs of foster and adoptive children and families in the NC Piedmont Triad Area.  This group is comprised of local churches and organizations with orphan care ministry goals.


Triad Congregations for Kids seeks to bring orphan care ministries, organizations, and agencies together, as a collaborative group geared towards supporting foster and adoptive families both within the church and in the greater community.   Our focus is to meet the spiritual and physical needs of these children and families. By supporting current or new orphan care ministries within churches and local foster and adoptive agencies, this group seeks to show Christ’s love through caring for the orphans, both within the US and overseas. We hope this collaboration will create a call to action in response to the immediate needs within the foster care system.  


1) Pray for the organizations and churches involved in TCK who support the children within our community

2) Help local churches grow or create an orphan ministry within their church and provide them with resources to help these processes

3) Support previous/current/prospective foster and adoptive families within our churches, organizations and community through the following:

  1. Connect local families with appropriate agencies or churches with orphan care ministry in order for them to get the support they need

  2. Create support group and mentorship opportunities for families and children to connect

  3. Respond to the needs articulated by local families by contacting those involved in Triad Congregation for Kids to assist the families to meet their physical, spiritual or emotional needs by connecting them with the appropriate resources

3) Outreach to provide awareness about orphan care

           a) Locally: represent TCK at local foster care/adoptive events

b) create a presence within local non profit arenas in order to create relationships to build a presence within the community

          c) Globally: Orphan Sunday, November Adoption Month, May Foster Care Month

4) Service projects

  1. Creating an annual service project in which those involved with Triad Congregation for Kids will host a service project event to best meet the current needs of the orphan care ministry by assisting one of the groups to grow their ministry and then rotating to support each other and better serve the community as a whole