Meet the Wilsons

As a young couple, even when they were dating, Hannah and Cody both felt called to foster. The Wilsons had wanted to foster from the second they got married. They started and stopped the process several times over the course of 5 years, adding two beautiful sons to their family in that time frame, and even completely finished training with the county, but did not fully license until May of 2019 when they did so with Seven Homes.

Hannah said, “All the holds, waits and stops were there to allow us to license with Seven Homes when we did, to get the call for our sweet teenage foster son that we have with us now and none of that would have happened had we done it on our time line. So thankful that we waited and trusted His timing, He always has a purpose in the waiting!”  Their first placement call was a teenage boy who has been with them since last summer. Hannah said, “adding a teenager to the family immediately changed its shape but in a way that felt so natural and beautiful in one fail swoop.” The Wilsons shared they had worked with teens for almost 10 years in youth and throughout MAPP training, their hearts broke for older children in care. The Wilsons stated they have seen their sons embrace their new addition and vice versa. Hannah shared, “the bond they have created together is so sweet to watch. There are many days we feel this is the way we have always been.”

They shared that they have learned through this journey that each child is beautifully different and unique in their own way. As parents they have learned to embrace and truly fall in love with the different stages of parenting and uniqueness that each child has. The Wilsons shared that they hear people say all the time they would foster but they don’t want to “get too attached.” Hannah said, “When we choose to get attached, we are choosing to love, live, and go along the journey with a child that so needs someone to do just that, to choose to get attached to them, to choose them. When we step into their world and their shoes and come alongside them, getting attached is natural, beautiful and yes, heartbreaking, but well worth it to know that they felt, if only for that time, safe, secure and maybe, even attached too.”  The Wilsons finished our interview by sharing, they are thankful that they took that leap of faith to take teens, past every hesitation, past the "risks" others said it might be, because it has truly been one of the best decisions they have ever made as a family because they are thankful they chose to get attached!