The Holloman Family

This week Seven Homes had the unique privilege of celebrating alongside Stephanie and Matthew Holloman as they officially welcomed their daughter into their family forever. The Hollomans were faithful, devoted, hard-working foster parents whose journey lead them to adoption of their gorgeous blonde-haired beauty, Hope. 

Our amazing staff in Gastonia was blessed enough to see not just Hope’s journey to healing and family, but also the wonderful gift of seeing Matthew and Stephanie grow and flourish as her parents. Stephanie shared that one of the beautiful things about Hope is her “ability to make you smile on any occasion. One might even think that God is smiling on them when you meet her.” I love how they see the love and grace that Christ bestows on us flow in and through the redeemed story of their forever daughter. The Holloman's shared that the greatest gift as her parents has been seeing Hope and the incredible potential she has to grow and heal. They shared that one thing that stood out about Hope early on was her desire to be loved and give love back to them. They went on to share how their faith has grown as a result of fostering and now adopting Hope.

The Holloman's have seen that despite the suffering that fostering can have along the way, you also have the potential to have one of the greatest blessings from God because of walking the journey. The Holloman's went on to share with Seven Homes that they believe that adoption is a beautiful process because you are showing a child not just that they are important, but loved and cherished. The Holloman's went on to say that the journey has not been without its challenges. Stephanie shared that in the beginning it was difficult to navigate the behaviors. She said that as parents she believes one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is to not take the behaviors in your home personally. Over time Stephanie and Matthew recognized that they simply needed to show Hope they were there for her and were never going to leave her.

I love that the Holloman's looked past the challenging initial months and helped Hope ultimately find… Hope. What an incredible gift as adoptive parents you get to give the gift of hope to a child. And for the Holloman's they similarly received a gift in return. Their blessing came at the end of a faithful journey filled with patience, grace, learning and growing. Ultimately, they arrived at a place of permanency and opened their arms with joy to receive the best gift, a forever daughter with a name that encapsulates their journey they walked as her family… a journey to a life full of HOPE!