There are 2400 children in North Carolina that are waiting to be chosen for a forever home. This number goes up every year, and sadly, at least half will age out of the system without finding a home.  

Give a Child a Voice is a campaign, named after what we aim to do with Forever Family, to give foster children a voice and a chance to find a loving home. Each segment gives a child a chance to tell their story to thousands of potential parents.

57% of the children that are featured are matched with a family.

But each opportunity cost $1000, to film produce and air, and we need help raising the money to make these segments. Could your church or community organization raise $1000 to sponsor one of the waiting children? 

 Donations to Give a Child a Voice will directly affect the life of a child, helping them find a happy ending, and a new beginning. Your group will give a child the chance to reach thousands of potential parents, but most importantly the one that will allow them to say #IMHOME.

We would love to come to speak to your church or community group about how YOU can help us achieve our goal of finding a forever family for every child looking.  

Contact us by email at brit.rasberry@7homes4kids.com or by phone at (336) 455-0102 to talk about how you can help.