Foster Care

Our number one philosophy and favorite quote, “Foster Care is about finding Families for Children, Not about finding children for families.” As an agency that provides both foster care and adoption services, it is important to recognize the difference between fostering and adopting. If you are seeking an agency with which you may find a rewarding experience as a foster famiy, we believe that Seven Homes Family Foster Care Program offers such a place. Seven Homes is a traditional foster care program that offers a supportive and nurturing system for both the foster child and foster family. 

Foster parents work in partnership with the staff of Seven Homes. Our foster parents enjoy and exercise autonomy over the management of their foster children within a supervised program to ensure the needs of the child, foster family and birth family are being met.

The staff at Seven Homes provides a high level of support to foster parents beginning with mutual solidarity.  Within this voluntary compact, training and education are provided to our foster parents without interrupting the uniqueness of their family culture and their parental culture and autonomy.  Such training and education begins with and grows out of the experiential contexts of their family life.

 In this mutual respect of Seven Homes’ staff and foster parents, these foster children are able to grow and develop in the context of parental values and family meaning apart from the imposition of an artificial therapeutic system that is out of character with the true challenges and healing that occur with the family.

Seven Homes prides itself on the provision of a safe, secure and nurturing environment for its foster children by not only preserving the dignity and autonomy of the family unit, but by fostering what befits the unique nature of each of its foster families.  This unique nature is substantiated by values of love, trust, responsibility, caring, industry, sharing, mutual respect and understanding, self-control and prudence, chastity and the like.

Children who enter our foster homes not only experience such values but are allowed to bring their unique values and personalities into the new family context.  Children are not punished for negative behaviors but are constantly encouraged and taught into developing values through making positive choices and taking positive actions. Altogether our foster parents bring years of experience and knowledge in the loving acts of fostering children. Seven Homes encourages and supports our foster families who are interested in pursuing adoption of their foster children if the court decides that the children cannot return home.

See  Becoming a Foster Family for more details.    

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