Everyone Has a Bad Day

Some days are just simply harder than others.  Some days, you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and just feel grumpy. 

It could be something happened the night before and you are not over it or you did not sleep because of the storm outside.  Some days, you wake up and are having the best day EVER and then it hits you… something went wrong at work or school or swim class. 

We all have bad days and bad moments and we ask for forgiveness to the people around us.  We say “What do you want!?!  Sorry, I have had a bad day and I am not in the mood to deal with this!”  But for our kids, they do not always know how to express themselves AND we are not patient with them.  Our kids can wake up on the wrong side of the bed too you know.  They are humans just like us and we need to remember patience.

I have had to learn this the hard way...  Earlier this week, my son refused to get out of his bed and told me that if I wanted him up that I would have to drag him out.  This is a type of attention seeking we see from trauma.  He wants us to pull him out of bed not because it has been done before, but because it is a point of touch for him.  I do not drag him out of bed, but I do touch him on his arm and ask him nicely, again, to get out of bed and he does it.  He wants that contact. 

Back to the point though, he then proceeded to refuse to brush his teeth, put on the right clothes for school etc.  Normally, we don’t have a problem in the morning but for some reason he was arguing over everything.  I started to get upset because I was having a good morning and then it quickly was turning sour because I had to force him to brush his teeth.  In the heat of the moment, I did not take a step back to say to myself “why is he arguing so much” I just kept forcing him to do things because we were barely going to make it to school on time at this rate.

My son then said to me “Guess what, I finished my book last night.”  He said it so matter of fact like and not excited.  I then thought, this is why he is so cranky and argumentative!!  He stayed up for hours reading his book!  When our son first came to us he did not like reading and only would read comic books.  Now he is flying through chapter books and loves it, so we do not restrict reading time, we have to continue to encourage him to read. 

So now I get it, he did not sleep much so he woke up cranky and craving attention more than normal.  What I wish I had done is not gotten so upset internally over it.  We wake up cranky and they have to deal with us and do not say a word.  But when they wake up cranky we are all over them.  We as parents have to have patients with our kiddos and find out what is really bothering them.