Don't Stress!

We would like to congratulate the Doby family on their recent adoption of Hunter. Hunter entered foster care December of 2017. He has been in the Doby home since that date. Randall and Andrea describe Hunter as an energetic, funny, caring, handsome, and a loving little man.

The family now consists of 4 siblings. This includes Hunter and 3 previously adopted boys, Landon, Tyler, and Harley. The Doby's say the greatest part of their fostering and adoption journey has been watching each child grow. They have truly enjoyed watching Hunter's personality develop. The Doby's believe that adoption has given them an alternative option to parent and has allowed them to share their lives and hearts with children. The Doby's shared that each experience has been a blessing from God. They have all grown through each process. the family says that patience has been the hardest part of their journey.

Both Randall and Andrea say that whenever they felt a little anxious, they would have an open dialogue within the family. The open communication within the family and the support they received from their Social Workers helped to ease their minds. Andrea says that their Social Workers were always available and willing to answer all the questions they had about the process and journey. Jokingly Andrea adds, "Don't stress!" They admit that this is easier said than done. When asked about advice they could give to others going through the process, they simply say, " Take each day as it come and know that God will help you through all of it."

Congratulations Doby Family!