Help Foster Parents During COVID-19

At Seven Homes during this uncertain time there is one thing we can say with complete unwavering certainty. We LOVE our foster families and want to do everything we can to support them during COVID-19 and give the community a hands on way to support the foster families in this time of crisis. 

Currently, our biggest need is financial support for our single foster parents. We have several single foster parents who are working hard to make sure that the child in their care gets to stay with them no matter what. We want to share with you just one example:

One of our foster mom's works in healthcare full time. She is dedicated, hardworking and has cared for her 12 year old placement for a year and a half. This incredible young man is happy and engaged and loves his sweet foster mama and they are a fun combination to see together! However, currently with school and after school care being closed our amazing Seven Homes mom is using her ENTIRE stipend to cover the cost of daycare so she can go to work. All the rest of his needs she is paying out of pocket. While this mom did not ask for support, we know in this time of crisis it is making bills feel tight and increasing stress. At Seven Homes we desire to give her a gift of covering her monthly daycare expenses each month during COVD-19 so she can go to work, get groceries, and cover additional expenses that come with caring for a middle school boy!

We have people ask us all the time, I cannot foster but I want to help foster families. This is an incredible way to bless a single foster mom who needs YOUR support and love. A week of daycare costs around $150 per child. Sponsor a week of daycare for our foster parents in the healthcare profession by clicking here! Help carry her burden and show this remarkable young 12 year old boy that he is seen, he is loved and even in uncertain times he has a foster mama who is dedicated, loyal and unwavering in her commitment to care for him.