Board of Directors

Seven Homes is governed by a board of directors, with representation from different individuals throughout the private sector. Board members live and work in all parts of the Triad area of North Carolina and meet every other month as a full board and as committees in the off months.

Seven Homes is always looking for new board members who can bring new skills sets and energy to the board. If you have an interest in serving as a board member please contact Ken Maxwell at [email protected].

Alex Hale - Chair - [email protected]

Christina Rush - Vice Chair - [email protected]

Matthew Pezzullo - Treasure 

Erin Webb - Secretary/Fundraising Chair - [email protected]

Deborah Mergner - Policy Bi-Laws & Procedures Committee Chair 

Dan Koenig - Member - [email protected]

Cindy Terry - Member

Rick Shoffner - Member