Adoption Takes Patience and Prayer

Congratulations to the Word family on their recent adoption! Robert and Dawn are excited that Lia and Mateo are now a permanent part of their family.

Lia has a beautiful smile that shines as bright as her spirit. She is smart, kind, compassionate and has a love for Jesus! Mateo has a laugh that can make everyone within earshot smile and is a gentleman in training. Mateo consistently shows this by holding the doors for ladies and announcing, “ladies first!”

Both Robert and Dawn agree that it is and has been an incredible opportunity to be a positive influence in the lives of these innocent children. They feel blessed that they are able to provide guidance, love, and hope, where they may not have otherwise. Dawn believes if more people would step out on faith and foster, then there would less children longing for homes.

Both Robert and Dawn agree that “time” was the hardest part of their foster/adoption journey. The Words have had Lia and Mateo in their home for over 5 years. The process was lengthy, but they never gave up hope and their commitment to the children never wavered. It was tough to think that at any time, the children could be taken or moved and that was a very scary thought. They overcame those challenges through prayer. They also chose to accept God’s will for the outcome and understood that God’s will was and is far better than their own.

As they reflect on the process, they agree that what they thought were big hurdles at the time, simply turned out to be small hills. Dawn emphasizes, “love these children all that you can.”

Remember, Love never Fails.