Adoption: Bidwell Family

Congratulations to the Bidwell family on the adoption of sweet Nolan! Nolan is a toddler that is spunky and full of personality; he can make any stranger smile.

Meg explains that the best part of the adoption journey has been Nolan’s unconditional love for her and the way he smiles at her with a special look in his eyes. She encourages more people to consider adoption because there are so many kids who need a loving home, and they could make the difference in their life. Meg shared that one challenge she encountered was how much she bonded with Nolan and all the love she had for him, but she knew that he could have to leave. She explains that she overcame this by putting it all in God’s hands and praying for God to do what was best for Nolan. Meg says that this experience has been hard at times but has brought her so much joy and fulfillment in her life. Seven Homes would like to thank Meg for allowing us to be a part this journey and we wish her and Nolan both nothing but the best!