Adoption from Foster Care

Our Adoption Philosophy is driven by our desire to find permanency for children in foster care.  Seven Homes only provides adoption services for children in foster care.  Seven Homes does not provide private adoption or International Adoption Services.

Our goal is to support reunification, and almost 60% of the children who come to Seven Homes are reunified with their birth family.  For children who cannot return home or live with a family member, we work tirelessly to find them the Forever Family they deserve.

Seven Homes provides adoption services for families in North Carolina interested in adopting children from the Social Service System.  Our primary focus is on children in North Carolina, but we are willing to work with families considering adopting children from other states.

A family does not have to be licensed as a foster family to adopt a children from foster care, however, Seven Homes requires that our families looking to adopt be licensed.  We have many reasons for this requirement, but bottom line is our experience has shown that this approach produces a much stronger adoption with less chance of failure. 

The foster parent licensing process and the adoption home study process are almost identical.  Each process complements the other.

The big misconception by many families is that when they become licensed as foster parents they have to take foster kids.  Seven Homes does not make any family accept a child.  The decision to accept a child into your home is your own to make.  Two of the twelve skills you will learn in MAPP class are assessing the impact of fostering on your family and then making an informed decision to foster or adopt a child.  If an agency makes you take a child , then they are not allowing you to use the very skills they are teaching you to use. 

The other comment we hear a lot is "we could not foster because we would become too attached and could not stand to lose the child."  If you want to adopt out of the foster care system, that statement is a very dangerous state of mind to have.  Adopted children will have a natural desire to connect to their birth families at some point in their life, even infant adoptees have a natural yearning to find out about who they are.  If you do not learn how to work through your fear of loss, when the child is reaching out and looking for their birth family, you will make all the wrong choices out of fear of losing them and will end up pushing your adopted child away.  Fostering helps teach you the skills to help your adopted child with these identity issues, and helps you learn not to fear this natural process.




Seven homes believes so strongly in adoption from foster care that we provide the adoption home study free of charge for families who are licensed with our agency. We believe that all families should have an opportunity to adopt and have created a sliding scale for families who are not licensed with Seven Homes to help them with the cost of adoption. 

Adoption Services Include by Seven Homes:

  • Adoption Home Studies - Pre-Placement Assessments
  • Placement Services
  • Filing Services
  • Help Facilitate finding Post Adoption Services for Families if needed


Next Step


  • If you are an individual or family and would like to know more about the adoption process with Seven Homes, please attend one of our upcoming information sessions and we will be happy to answer any questions.
  • If you are a social worker or child advocate and would like to find out more about our Forever Family Program and helping a child you care about finding their place to call home CLICK HERE.