“Not everyone can foster, but everyone can help.”

This is such a powerful statement because it is 100% true. Today a woman called me and said that she had seen our information about Project 77 and wanted to sponsor an orphan. As she told me part of her story I felt so much compassion for her, she had such a big heart. She wanted to help but is not in a place to foster herself, so she set out to find a way.

What she did not know, is that we were 6 sponsors short of meeting our monthly need of new sponsors and that I had been racking my brain on how to find more people willing to make a sacrifice for children they did not know. I had been praying for weeks that God would put this mission on the hearts of the people.

God did! God always has a plan, we must wait for Him to reveal it. This woman called to sponsor a child, but she did not only sponsor one herself, she submitted the cause to her employer and they agreed to sponsor a child as well! As I drove home today I thanked God for showing me part of His plan and blessing me with the opportunity to speak to the kind woman. With only one week left to go this month, I know God will provide us with the last 4 sponsors we need.