The #ImHOME Campaign was designed together through the prayers, plans, and partnership of Forever Family, Seven Homes and Least of These Carolinas. These three agencies worked together in one accord to rally the Christian Community to raise awareness about foster care and adoption.


For thousands of foster children nationwide the ability for their stories to be told, the chance for their voice to be heard, and the opportunity for redemption in their story is frequently lost.  These children through no fault of their own enter into foster care, and if reunification with their birth family is not possible they wait. They wait for a family who is willing to adopt them, they wait for stability, they wait for permanency, and they wait to be home. The opportunity to run through the front door, drop their backpack on the floor and smile with confidence as they shout to their parents “I’m Home” is not something that every child is able to do. Each and every child deserves to say those powerful words. Forever Family and Seven Homes saw the beauty in their stories and recognized the need to give these children the voice they deserve, and allow them to be heard.

Max Lucado says it beautifully, “If anybody understands God’s ardor for his children, it’s someone who has rescued an orphan from despair, for that is what God has done for us. God has adopted you. God sought you, found you, signed the papers and took you home.” We love because He first loved us. As the Christian Community we are called to adopt because He first saved us from our sin, called us sons and daughters and in that relationship with Him created permanency for us. Each and every child deserves the opportunity to be loved, respected and taken home, and potential Christian adoptive families need to know the chance they have to glorify God by doing something near and dear to His heart.

There is a family out there for every child waiting to be adopted. We believe that permanency is something that EVERY single child deserves. We believe that part of our responsibility is to raise awareness about the current crisis going on your community. This is a missions field in our own backyard, a great commission that can be fulfilled by simply saying “yes” and taking a step of faith to learn more.


For more information about fostering and adopting a child waiting for their Forever Family the first step is to obtain your foster license or approved adoptive home study.

  • If you reside in North Carolina read about Seven Homes and see if we are the right agency for your family.

  • If you reside in Florida please go on Forever Family’s website and fill out an inquiry to be connected with agencies in your area.

  • If you reside in a state other than North Carolina or Florida please visit www.adoptuskids.org to start the process in your county and state of residence.


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